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Dambe Warriors League Formally Announces SuperFight 01

Event Will Take Place This Month at Kano Pillars Stadium in Nigeria

DWL SuperFight 01 will feature seven electrifying fights, promising an action-packed evening for all attendees

KANO, Nigeria, November 16, 2023/APO Group/ --

Dambe Warriors League (DWL) (www.DambeWarriors.com) is proud to announce their much-anticipated SuperFight 01, scheduled to take place at the Kano Pillars Stadium in Nigeria on November 26th.

This thrilling event, conducted with the support of the Kano State Government, is expected to draw the largest crowd in Dambe history with an anticipated 15,000 spectators. The event features a 3,000,000 Naira prize purse for the champions, the largest in Dambe history.

DWL SuperFight 01 will feature seven electrifying fights, promising an action-packed evening for all attendees.

There will be three Promotion Fights where the winners will replace the relegated #6 ranked fighters in the lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight divisions. Additionally, there will be three Championship Fights that will feature the #1 and #2 ranked fighters in the lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight divisions.

SuperFight 01 battles will include:

Promotion Fight: Lightweight

  • Alaye - House Kudu
  • Yar Mage - House Kudu

Promotion Fight: Middleweight

  • Shagon Agantsare - House Gurumada
  • Shaaban - House Kudu

Promotion Fight: Heavyweight

  • Shagon Audun Tunga - House Gurumada
  • Dogon Sani - House Jamus

Championship Fight: Lightweight

  • Bahagon Zayyanu (5 wins and 0 losses) - House Gurumada
  • Autan Ali Kanin Bello (3 wins and 2 loss) - House Jamus

Championship Fight: Middleweight

  • Ramadan (5 win and 0 losses) - House Jamus
  • Bahagon Dogo Maitakwasara (4 wins and 1 loss) - House Gurumada

Championship Fight: Heavyweight

  • Garkuwan Dutse (4 wins and 1 loss) - House Kudu
  • Dogo Maitakwasara (4 wins and 1 loss) - House Gurumada

Lastly, DWL is incredibly excited to announce the much-anticipated rematch between Saudi Arabia’s Hussain Al-Mutairi and Nigeria’s very own Dogon Sisco. Al-Mutairi seeks to avenge his punishing defeat at the hands of Sisco who previously defeated him with one of the greatest knockouts in Dambe history at Circuit Fight 01 this past September.

“We are immensely grateful for the support of the Kano State Government as well as our local partners, Cloud9Sports, and MTN Nigeria. We also thank our Season One sponsors, Hypo, Indomie, Bet9ja, Amstel Malta, Climax, APO, and AIICO Multishield, who have been instrumental in making this event possible. The vision for DWL is to elevate the traditional Nigerian combat sport of Dambe to global prominence, while supporting our host communities along the way. We believe that Nigerians should take pride in this cultural export that has evolved over generations, and DWL is committed to making this a reality,” said Hugh Guill, CEO of Dambe Warriors League.

Dambe Warriors provides training and personal development opportunities for their young warriors by investing time and resources into men themselves, their families, and their communities. The objective of the league is to harness, polish, distribute, and effectively manage the Dambe ecosystem while preserving the tradition, honour, and spirit that have driven the sport forward for centuries.

As DWL partners Anthony Okeleke and Chidi Anyina note, “Our broader ambition is to place Africa at the centre of the combat sports universe, beginning by showcasing Dambe’s vast potential and ensuring it is recognised and respected as a formidable sport on the global stage. Dambe SuperFight 01 represents an important step toward achieving these goals, and DWL encourages fans and supporters to follow the action in-person on November 26th at Kano Pillars Stadium, or via livestream on out Dambe Warriors app available on the MTN network.”

For more information about Dambe SuperFight 01 and the Dambe Warriors League, you may download our exclusive app today by visiting (https://apo-opa.co/40CGGwN), visit our website at www.DambeWarriors.com, or follow us on social media for updates.

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